At Bartelt, we’re big fans of incorporating arches into a space.  Not only do arches add a softness to a room, but they also give a space character.  Doorways, ceilings, windows, niches – there are numerous opportunities to add an arch to a room to create elegance, architectural interest, and a timeless look.

ContrastMilwaukee Kitchen Remodel

A balanced mix of straight and curved lines makes for a dynamic room.  While straight lines offer symmetry, order, and structure, arches add softness and warmth.  The contrasting lines work together to create comfortable, inviting spaces.  Using only straight lines can make a room feel cold and boxy.  Too many arches can seem overly ornate and busy.

FrameWaukesha Kitchen Remodel

Whether it’s a doorway framing a beautiful room, a niche showcasing a piece of artwork, or a window highlighting an outdoor view, an arch can draw attention to key details in your home.  Here are a few other examples of items we’ve framed with arches:

  • Freestanding tubs or tub decks
  • Kitchen ranges
  • Built-in bookshelves or wine racks
  • Fireplace openings
  • Built-in beds

DefineMuskego Lower Level Remodel

Arches are a great opportunity to define two spaces while keeping them open to one another.  Many homeowners want an open concept layout, but it’s important that the home’s interior does not become a large, nondescript box.  An arch can create open, yet separate spaces while adding charm and intimacy to a home.

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