We hate to use the word “trend” because our goal is to create timeless designs, spaces that transcend a specific moment in time and have lasting power. But it’s hard to ignore design elements that are currently gaining popularity. Our homes and tastes are always evolving based on our surroundings, so Bartelt. The Remodeling Resource is diving into some details we’re excited to incorporate into homes.


Have you heard the term “granny chic?” We’re not sure this is a fair assessment of some of the latest trends, but it is an indication of the shift back to more traditional spaces. The use of pattern is one of these more traditional details. Whether small or large scale, we are seeing more and more pattern when it comes to wallpaper, tile, textiles and other finishes.

Elm Grove Bathroom Remodel

Warmer Tones

White cabinetry and gray wall colors still prove to be popular selections in home design, but we are seeing the pendulum swing towards warmer materials and colors. Stained cabinetry, wood, natural stone, deeper or moodier hues, beiges and greiges – these elements seem to be on the rise. There is something inviting and cozy about these warmer palettes.

Elm Grove Office Remodel

Non-Open Concept

We are firm believers in connection between interior spaces, but we often steer away from a completely open concept. “Open yet separate” is something we talk about often. For daily life and entertaining, it’s ideal to have rooms that flow into one another, but still maintain intimacy, character and some separation. It not only allows you to create different experiences in each room, but it also offers an opportunity to have quiet pockets throughout your home, something that is even more important as we’ve spent more time at home in the past two years.

Wauwatosa Sunroom Remodel

Larger Scale

Varying the proportion of finishes in your home is an opportunity to create interest in a space. We are seeing larger scale light fixtures, islands, tile, prints and other details to create juxtaposition, drama and balance in a space.

Pewaukee Kitchen Remodel