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Remodeling can be an overwhelming process. Our team guides you through your project, keeping it on track and using tools to help you visualize and understand how everything fits together. We ask the right questions to hone in on your goals, and we help you make decisions at the proper time in the project’s progression. We coordinate all the moving parts and make sure details don’t get missed. There are a lot of steps between preliminary design ideas and the final space, and we’re there every step of the way!

The Process


Initial Meeting

After the first phone call, we set up a complimentary consultation with a project designer to discuss your needs, wants and wishes for your home, helping you define your goals and budget for your remodeling project.


Design Agreement and Field Measure

Once a preliminary design agreement is signed, the project designer schedules a second meeting, or a field measure.  During the field measure, we review the project objectives and measure and photograph existing conditions.  The design process also includes a mechanical walk-through to coordinate the electric, HVAC and plumbing systems.


Design Review Meetings

The first design review meeting is scheduled two or three weeks after the field measure, depending on the project size.  Over the course of these meetings, your design will evolve from a general concept to specific details.  Elevations, hand-drawn perspectives and a 3D rendering help you visualize your project.  We also continue to develop your budget, discuss materials and revise the design.


Client Full Presentation

After reviewing the specifications and plans, the project designer schedules a client full presentation to review the paperwork.  The designer then works on the construction documents, obtaining engineering calculations, municipal design approval and permits.


Ready to Build

The design team works with the production staff to discuss details and unique challenges.  Shortly after signing the construction agreement, you begin meeting with our on-staff interior designer to finalize selections of finishes, products and materials.


Pre-Construction Meeting

The project designer and production staff walk through the remodel site with you.  This meeting is an opportunity to meet the team and ask any questions you may have regarding the logistics of the project. Our goal is to set up a communication system that will guarantee a smooth, safe and timely completion of your project.


Construction Phase

Our production team works diligently to keep the lines of communication open.  To ensure all of your expectations are met, an on-going relationship with the production administrator and manager is vital.  The production administrator handles day-to-day schedules and accounting and coordinates all subcontractors.  The production manager and lead carpenter oversee the crew and field work.



When the project nears completion, the production manager walks through the project with you and forms a “punch list” of items that need to be addressed before we leave the site.  The project coordinator makes a final visit to receive feedback, give you warranty and product usage information and offer operation tips.  Then it’s time to enjoy your new space!

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