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The Entrance: Your Home’s First Impression

The front entrance is the first area of your home that guests encounter and can set the tone for the rest of the spaces, so it’s important to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Updating or improving the entry is also an affordable opportunity to give your home an entirely different look.


Architectural DetailsWauwatosa Front Entrance

Showcase your front entrance with appropriate architectural details for your home’s style.  Decorative brackets, moldings, columns, railings, and trim add character to your home and offer curb appeal.

Whitefish Bay Front EntranceFront Door

Whether the door is custom-made, arched, painted a vibrant color, or flanked by full-length windows, the front door can showcase your personality and style.


Lighting helps guide your guests to the front door and is an important safety component.  The light by the front entrance should be a little brighter than landscape and hardscape lighting to ensure the front door is the focal point of the home and welcomes visitors. Wall lanterns or hanging fixtures are popular options.

Shelter from the Elements

Consider adding a roof over the front door or porch to keep rain and sun off your guests as they wait for you to answer the door.  You’ll also appreciate it while you look for your keys.


“Drop Zone”

Once your guests enter your home, you’ll want a place for them to peel off their coats or stash away other belongings.  Consider having a bench, closet, hooks, lockers or cubbies, and other organizational features.  You may also want to include a “command center” for phone charging, mail storage, or a message board.


Flooring is another opportunity to showcase your style, but it’s essential that it isOconomowoc Newel Post also easy-to-clean and can withstand mud, snow, water, and whatever else visitors can track into your home.  You can choose unique patterns, textures, or colors to add charm.

Newel Posts

A newel post has a functional role – supporting the handrail at the top or bottom of a staircase.  If you have stairs at your entrance, a newel post can also make a grand statement.  Whether it’s large and ornate or simple and classic, the post will definitely be the heart of the front entryway.

Recent Project: Four-Family Residence Returns to a Single-Family Home

Our clients’ 1800s Victorian lake home had been turned into a four-family residence.  They originally owned it as a rental property, but enjoyed its proximity to the downtown area and lake and decided to move in.

They wanted to restore their home back to a single-family residence and reintroduce its original charm while accommodating a modern lifestyle and entertaining.

The Foyer

Oconomowoc Foyer Remodel

The existing foyer was generic and had a lot of unused space, so we rebuilt the staircase to offer better use of the foyer and to compliment the character of the home.  The rounded stairs create an open and inviting feel, and the large mahogany newel post makes a great first impression!

The Kitchen

Oconomowoc Kitchen Remodel

An existing bathroom and bedroom on the first floor were replaced by the new kitchen.  The remodeled space is perfect for entertaining and features a custom hood and cabinetry, tin ceiling, granite countertops, and tile backsplash.

The Lake Porch

Oconomowoc Lake Porch Remodel

The enclosed porch was made weathertight, so the space could be used year-round.  The French doors offer access from the kitchen to the porch, making it one usable space.  It also has great views of the lake!

The Dining Room

Oconomowoc Dining Room Remodel

The existing first floor kitchen was converted into the new dining room.  The space features a custom-built corner cabinet and table made of maple and stained cherry and a buffet area with a beverage refrigerator for entertaining.  It also includes the refurbished fireplace.

The Living Room

Oconomowoc Living Room Remodel

The existing fireplace had a ’70s feel from a previous remodel, so we rebuilt the mantel and remodeled the space to reflect the original character of the home.

The Guest Bedroom

Oconomowoc Guest Bedroom Remodel

A custom, built-in bed was incorporated into the guest bedroom to take advantage of an existing alcove.  The homeowners thought this would be a great space for their grandchildren.

For more photos from this whole house remodel, visit our Houzz page.