Bullet Surveillance CameraMany home and business owners are using video surveillance or security cameras to protect the people, properties, and belongings they have worked so hard to achieve. Video camera technologies are changing and improving all the time. At Techteriors, we have been receiving more and more requests for surveillance. These cameras can pan, tilt and zoom, and capture images and movement in the day or night.

In homes, Techteriors can install these in children’s rooms or nurseries. They can be aimed at the front door of your home or on your play system. Homeowners can log in to their camera networks and view their property from virtually anywhere in the world. We have even had requests for cameras to be installed in backyards to make sure pets are safe while their owners are at work. It’s important to protect your beautiful home, especially newly updated spaces created by companies like Bartelt.

In businesses, cameras can be hidden to protect property or viewed from multiple locations. A DVR can record varying lengths of time, depending on how many cameras are set up and how large of a system is requested.

Some new and exciting trends for 2014 include (but are not limited to):

  • Growth in panoramic cameras
  • Security cameras with improved audio capability
  • Worldwide growth in video surveillance by approximately 12 percent (statistic from CEPro Magazine – February 2014)

About the Author:Alex DeToro of Techteriors

Alex DeToro, a Bartelt partner and “neighbor” for many years, is the co-owner of Techteriors in Mequon, Wis. and Delafield, Wis.  DeToro’s husband, John, started the company in October 2001.  Alex earned her bachelor’s degree in History and Entomology and her MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. If you’d like to learn more about Alex and Techteriors or need surveillance for your home or business, visit http://www.techteriors.com/ or call 262.243.9800.