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Bartelt’s Mary Sweet in “Bathe in Luxury” in 30West Magazine

Bathrooms have become much more than a simple place to bathe, brush your teeth, and use the commode.  They have evolved into luxury spaces, a ‘getaway’ for homeowners looking to unwind.  Learn how you can create a personal retreat in the article “Bathe in Luxury” starting on page 14 of 30West magazine where our designer, Mary Sweet, is quoted again.

See the article here.

Bartelt Bathrooms in 30West MagazineBartelt Bathrooms in 30West MagazineBartelt Bathrooms in 30West Magazine

Create a Home Spa

Turn the master bath into a place of relaxation.

After a long day, what’s better than taking some time to relax?  The word relaxation may arouse visions of a spa, warm robes, and soothing earth tones, but many of us don’t have the time or budget to indulge.  The good news – you don’t have to go to the spa to unwind.  Bring the spa home with these ideas to create a serene space.

UGlass Showerse clear glass.  Large, airy showers can help create a spa-like feel in your master bathroom.  Using frameless, clear glass doors makes the space seem larger and contributes to the continuity of the bathroom.

Take a soak.  From deep soaking to air-jetted tubs, which let bathers immerse themselves in a bath full of massaging bubbles, more homeowners are choosing bathtubs that offer a therapeutic experience.

Let the light in.  Windows and skylights in the bathroom allow natural light to flood the space, adding warmth.  Homeowners can use frosted glass or higher windows to enjoy natural light without sacrificing privacy.Stone Shower Tiles

Incorporate natural materials.  Wood, pebbled tile, granite, ceramic tiles that look like wood planks – there are many ways to bring the outdoors in.  These items add texture to the space and a warm, soothing touch.

Opt for a vessel sink.  Vessel sinks are elegant and provide an opportunity to add more natural texture to the bath, if desired.  They come in unique shapes and provide a focal point for the vanity.

Open VanityOpen up the vanity.  An open vanity can make the master bath look larger.  Just make sure to keep towels and other items neat.

Heat things up.  You want your bare feet to be comfortable in your luxurious bathroom, so why not use heat mats in the floor to keep those toes toasty?  Heated towel bars are also a great option to ensure you have something warm and cozy to wrap up in after each bath or shSeries of Shower Heads and Spraysower.

Use multiple shower heads, hand sprays, and body sprays.  People don’t always have time to take a long, relaxing bath, so a shower that offers a series of shower heads and sprays is a great alternative to feel pampered.

Have a drink.  Some homeowners are incorporating beverage stations into their master baths.  Whether you want to start the day with coffee or unwind with a glass of wine, there are a variety of options, such as a built-in coffee maker or beverage refrigerator.

Bartelt’s Mary Sweet in “Kitchen Musts” in 30West Magazine

What are some products and amenities you can incorporate into your kitchen to create a luxurious space?  Find out in the article “Kitchen Musts” on page 12 of 30West magazine where our designer, Mary Sweet, is quoted.

See the article here.

Bartelt in 30West MagazineBartelt in 30West Magazine